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Re: Lower level heating

Posted By: Don
Friday, 11 December 1998, at 7:27 a.m.

In Response To: Lower level heating (Tom)


Wow... That would be a visit to the house and some calculations to give you a good answer! Here's my short version...

Leave the fan alone. If the plant has been properly sized.. you don't need to fool with that.

It does sound as though you need to add some discharge ducts into the spaces. Since the basement wasn't set up to be heated originally, you are short on ducts. Look at the same space on the first floor. Do some measureing and see how many square inches of register you have up there. Try to duplicate that downstairs. You can have a bit less downstairs if that is where the furnace is.

Make sure you install adjustable discharge vents. It will take some time to adjust the vents on both levels to strike a balance so that both levels maintain a desired temp.

AND, that balance will be thrown way off as seasons change. Vents adjusted to heating season would freeze the basement in cooling season.

You might consider hiring a contractor to tell you what is required, but regardless you will have to do a seasonal balance if you are using a cooling plant. The above method is guesswork at best. (but pretty good common sense..!:-)

Good luck!


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