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Re: How to remove one layer wallpaper

Posted By: Matt
Wednesday, 2 August 2000, at 7:45 p.m.

In Response To: How to remove one layer wallpaper (Tracy G.)

There are several easy ways to remove wallpaper. I would start by scoring the paper. You can try a product called a "paper tiger" or something to that effect. Then you can use either a steamer which can be purchased at most home centers or rented. Another option is to use a "chemical stripper". Most of these are enzyme activated so they are not very dangerous like furniture strippers. I have had to remove old flock wallpaper witch is a cloth covered paper. I had the best luck using Dif stripper in a spray bottle or in serious circumstances in a garden type sprayer.

Regardless of what method you use, steam or chemical, let the tools do the work. Assuming you use the chemical. First score the wall with a scoring tool (available at home centers/hardware stores). Then apply the stripper chemical as directed and let it soak in and soften the paper. I waited 25-45 minutes for tough paper. Next carefully use a 4-6 inch putty knife (available at hardware/home centers) to remove the paper. Take your time. You do not want to gouge the wall. If the paper does not come off easy then apply more stripper and wait. However, be careful not to apply to much as to wet the drywall. It really takes some practice. Once you get in a groove it will go much easier.

Once all the paper is off wipe the wall down with some of the stripper and rinse with water. This will make sure all the glue is off the wall. Once everything is dry you can use spackle to fix any gouges you may have made. If you want to wall paper again prime the walls with a product made for priming before wallpapering. This will make the wallpaper much easier to position and remove in a few years when you want to redecorate. If you plan on painting then use a good primer and two coats of paint.

Hope this helps. If in doubt ask the local hardware/home center/ or paint store. They can offer advice and show you the best products

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