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deck footings

Posted By: jennifer
Wednesday, 24 May 2000, at 2:56 p.m.

In completing our home last summer we asked our builder to have the landscapers dig and pour footings for a deck we planned to build this spring. He did and charged us $200. The footings sat untouched all winter. Spring is now here and arrangments are being made to to build said deck. While walking in the yard the other day, my Father kicked one of the footings and it moved. He then checked another footing and was able to pull it our of the ground. SO, knowing that footings should be at least 42" deap (based on the frost line in our area of CT) I called our builder to ask why the footing were only 6" deep. He said that although he wasn't aware of this, he could only assume that in diggin the footings, the guy found ledge and just poured the shallow peirs to provide us with a flat surface on which to build.

I responded with, 1. If that is true, are we sure that it is infact all ledge and not just a large rock that will shift causing us to loose our entire deck. 2. Shouldn't the footings be attached to the ledge somehow with for example, an iron rod to provide security. 3. Was it neccessary to charge $200 for that!!!

He said that it was not neccessary to attach the footing to the ledge because the weight of the deck will keep them in place. He would check on the status of the ledge which of course he hasn't done yet.

My question is; If the footings are in fact sitting on ledge, is my builder right about the weight security and are we ok to build with what we've got our should we repour more secure footings?

The planned deck specs are: - 34' long and 14 feet out from the house - Footings are 12' out - Deck would be Catalevered another 2' - Raised deck, 9' high

let me know if you need any additional info. Thank you.

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