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Re: Drivit Stucco

Posted By: Joe
Monday, 24 April 2000, at 4:00 p.m.

In Response To: Drivit Stucco (Mike)

DRYVIT is a wonderful product that has gotten a bad rap recently.

It is absolutely true that serious moisture damage has been reported with the use of DRYVIT resulting in rotting sheathing, rotted framing, mildew growth etc...

This is NOT DRYVIT's fault, however...It is faulty installation.

Because dryvit uses foam insulation as a form for the veneer, special care must be taken to allow interior moisture to escape behind the DRYVIT. This often done with housewraps designed just for DRYVIT. Special care is also needed to caulk, seal and flash all windows and doors according to manufacturer's specifications. When these measures are not addressed as required, damage results...

99% of all damage with DRYVIT is associated with poorly trained contractors.

But there is the rub....How do you find properly trained contractors when they all tell you they now what they are doing?

Your guess is as good as mine but here are some hints....

Call the DRYVIT manufacturer and see if they have any factory trained installers in your area...

Call some local architects and engineers to see if there is any local installer they can recommend...

Check with your local code enforcement office. They will likely know of any contractors who have caused problems with DRYVIT installation.

If this kind of gamble and research doesn't appeal to you....stick with traditional stucco, vinyl, or brick...

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