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outdoor faucet

Posted By: John Armbruster
Saturday, 15 April 2000, at 10:47 a.m.

I have a faucet i attach a garden hose to. over the winter, i unhooked the hose, but neglected to unhook a mechanical timer (to shut the water off after 2 hrs, etc) there may have been some water in that timer.....

in any case, when i went to use the faucet during the winter to wash my car, i hooked up the hose, and the gun, and proceeded to wash my car. when i went in the house, there was water everywhere.

the faucet supply pipe is along the front wall of my house, and you can see where the faucet exits to the outside (its in a cabinet in my kitchen).

when i turned off the faucet, it stopped the leak. there was no water outside the house at all.

i find it strange that just by turning off the faucet (rather than turning off the water supply to the whole house) that the leak should stop. i thought the valve for the faucet was right there in the head of the faucet. it seems to me that the leak has to be "downstream" of the valve (in order for the valve to be able to stop the leak)

any hints on how i should tackle this? its not too easy to see inside the cabinet/cupboard (i get a light in thre, and you can see the pipe and insulation thru a hole cut in the wall)

any reference materials on the net regarding outdoor faucets and fixing them? most of the stuff i've seen is regarding indoor faucets.

thanks for your help

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