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Bill Gates Found Dead

Donny Denucci

Donny Denucci Questioned By Redmond Police

Inside sources revealed today that Network systems flunky Donny Denucci (aka Handyman) was questioned in a gang style hit on Redmond resident Bill Gates. Handyman is well known in family circles to specialize in electronic e-commerce scams.

The victim Bill Gates was described as having graying hair, sorta red and blotchy eyes, somewhere around 5'-7'' tall, and 130-140 pounds. The body was found early evening hanging out of a dumpster. The County Coroner has determined that it was "death by asphyxiation".

The family law firm was quick to arrange the release of "Handyman" without charges being filed. When contacted, the firm denied any knowledge of a rumor that at least 1 times, in the past 30 days, they have been called upon to represent the family on various charges.

Law enforcement later questioned Don Shanks, former supervisor to the victim. Initial reports indicate that Don Shanks was watching Howard Stern in LA at the time of the incident. No further information is available at this time.

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