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16-OCT-2002 And the hits keep on rolling. Minor maintenance to the site. If you are interested in buying a GREAT car, Mr. G is now selling the best available. See The Payoff page for details. Have fun! don(e)
27-FEB-2001 Over 6000 hits served in the first two years of public operation. Many more visitors. All that popularity has taken a toll on the system and the user database got too big for it's britches and got corrupted. All prior user information is lost. (The real story might be that 'da feds' where trying to extract some damning information and we somehow lost... any incriminating information) You be the judge... don(e)
01-APR-1999 Over 1000 hits served in the first 30 days of public operation. Many more visitors. Thanks to all that have taken the time to visit our service. In adding a translation feature, we broke the site for a couple of days. That fixed, we now provide a link to AltaVista Translator on the finished hit so that you may view the news in different languages. don(e)
22-FEB-1999 In a little less than a month we have designed and put all the pieces in place to make the Hit site functional, and maybe even fun! Thanks to all the testers! We are now public. Links have been placed and mailings sent to select groups announcing the site. We continue development and are still finding spelling errors here and there. Let us know if you see any! Statistics on both how the talent is being used, and how our clients are using us, are in place and many are displayed to the public. A book store was added. Oh sure we get a cut, but we only ask that you buy a book if you want it! It's not part of 'the payoff'. A "Link to US" page has also been added. If you have a web site and want to point to us.. just go to the page and cut and paste the code, for the ad you like. We'll serve up the graphic so you don't have to. don(e)
18-FEB-1999 Databases, error checking, and file routines in place and seem to be operational. When you push a button you should get some sort of result no matter which one you push. Repeat customer added to allow us to track those of you that are using our services and give you statistics. If you don't login, you won't get credit for multiple hits. If you do login, you can change your information on the fly but if your using the same information about you... it is pre-filled for you. User statistics and hit tracking 'User' Menu item added. Lynnette (is she cute or what!:-) has already done some testing for us and it seems to work. Let me know 'Kid'! Squished a bunch of bugs. Added lots of send buttons (once the contract is filled without errors.) Added 'opt in' option to send yourself a copy of the hit (I was forcing a copy down your throat. It's running far as I can tell.. Try it out!! don(e)
11-FEB-1999 Overall interface design completed and open to view for beta level spell checking.. useability.. browser compatibility and form, fit, (but not yet function) Idea for Mr.G to give away a 'T'-Shirt every month added without asking Mr.G so that feature may very well go away!:-) It STILL doesn't "DO" anything except provide a shell of what the functioning model will look like. Beta testers are encouraged to let us know what doesn't look right to you. Be warned though that you are looking at a live moving target and corrections and interface changes are being made as you click! (If a button doesn't work for you more than likely there simply isn't any function behind it yet!:-) Have fun.. Let us know. Mr.G ( Don ( Sign up for the newsletter and we will keep you posted on progress.. don(e)
23-JAN-1999 Mr.G walks out of the house to see what Handyman is doing shoveling the snow off of his driveway. Handyman is just showing his respect to the Godfather of the neighborhood of course... Anyway, they get to talking and Mr.G mentions that one of his associates thought it might be a fun thing to do to a web 'hit' site using some of the family friends that have been traveling around the world from the postcard site. Mr.G knows that it's like double dog daring Handyman to suggest such a thing... and the idea of 'The Gambino Family Talent' is planted... don(e)

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