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Kitchen Bath

glue for wood baseboard over ceramic tile.
by: David Schultes posted: Tueday - December 14, 2010
Hello, I have placed linoleum tile over my bathroom 
ceramic tiled floor. I would like to put a baseboard 
around the perimiter of the bathroom wall at the 
floor. What glue would you suggest to glue the wood 
baseboard to the existing ceramic tile, since nailing 
is out of the question.
Thank you;
David Schultes 

good glue
by: Handyman John posted: Tueday - December 14, 2010
Liquid nails makes adhesives for most any application 
to bond many dissimilar materials to one another. Try 
your local Big, box ro lumber yard and sheck out 
their offerings. Loc-tite has a similar product line 
as well.

loc-tite adhesives...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Wednesday - December 15, 2010
Hi David Schultes,

I just used two different Loc tite products and I was 
impressed by how they did what they said they did. One 
was a tub surround adhesive and the other was an all 
purpose adhesive.

The tub surround adhesive held those wall panels, 
instantly. No need for spring-boards or other means of 
appling pressure to a panel for hrs while the adhesive 
set-up... I swear you could have taken a shower just 
minutes after I finished installing the surround...

Plus...I had to run a single line of 4 inch tile, up a 
wall, along the wall into the corner and then onto the 
ceiling, accross the ceiling 6-ft and back down onto 
the wall and down to the floor and the Loc tite  all 
purpose adhesive held every tile in place without 
spacers everytime...Not one tile slid, slipped or 

The adhesive was thinner than liquid nail and I liked 
than feature a lot...Price-wise...I think the loc tite 
was noticeably cheaper than the liquid nail was...

They're both good products, but I just had to say a 
few things about the Loc tite adhesives, I just used 
for the first time... Good Luck...E.T.

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