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Decking Gardening

Deck Cracks
by: Michael posted: Wednesday - April 14, 2010
Hi, I'm repainting my deck and there are cracks. Should
I fill the cracks before repainting?

what I would do...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Thursday - April 15, 2010
Hi Mike,

If the crack is an issue, then replace the entire 
board...otherwise, just leave it and other cracks 
alone...Good Luck...E.T.

by: FIXITRIGHT posted: Thursday - April 15, 2010
Michael-When you say cracks do you mean a thin 1/16"-
1/8" crack in the wood which sometimes naturally 
occurs as the wood ages over time from exposure to 
the elements and the sun? If the size of the 
wood "cracks" is minimal I would leave them alone.  
If it is larger and of some concern such as a large 
separation you may catch a high heel for example when 
walking on it I would replace the board as ET 
suggests.  Like any other natural product wood 
decking components have a tendency to open over time. 
I would not fill in the cracks with any type of 
sealant or filler as that will work its way out in no 
time and come up making a mess of things. 

by: davekoe posted: Thursday - April 15, 2010
I like to use exterior spackle for cracks from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch wide 
and urethane caulk for wider cracks. I like to use opaque latex deck 
stain instead of paint; it has more vehicle and less pigment and is 
intended to soak in more and hold better than paint. Put it on  
generously and brush it in thoroughly especially into end grain and 
wherever small cracks are starting to show.

dave, are u serious...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Thursday - April 15, 2010
You would go to a customers home and offer to fill a 
crack larger than 1/4 of an inch with urenthane 
calking and then offer to paint there entire deck in 
OPAQUE stain to cover-up your hack-job...You can't be 

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