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Kitchen Bath

Installing cabinets on concrete floor
by: Vic posted: Sunday - March 14, 2010
I am putting in a row of cabinets in our basement for 
my wife's scrapbooking area.  The basement is 
carpeted over concrete slab.  I assume that I should 
cut away the carpet and padding from where the base 
cabinets will be installed.  Can I put the cabinets 
directly on the concrete or shuld I put some sort of 
substrate under them to protect from possible 
moisture/water since it is a basement?

base cabinets go on a platform
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Sunday - March 14, 2010
Hi Vic,

Make a frame out of 2x4's and allow for a toe-kick 
area around the entire front and sides unless your 
grounding one end of the cabinets in a corner... Use 
laun plywood to cover the toe-kick and paint it black 
or just paint the 2x4's black and then set the base 
cabinets right oin top on the frame... Putting this 
over the existing carpet, isn't an issue...Good 

basement cabs
by: Handyman John posted: Sunday - March 14, 2010
It is a good idea to use presure treated two-bys when 
in contact with cement below grade (basement). 
Moisture doesnt harm pressure treated lumber, it will 
harm  normal kiln-dried lumber.

by: davekoe posted: Monday - March 15, 2010
Another possibility is to put 4 bricks or short pieces of PT 2x4's under 
the corners of the cabinet. That will prevent moisture buildup under the 

Another option....
by: FIXITRIGHT posted: Tueday - March 16, 2010
Vic-They sell a product at stores like Home Depot 
that is essentially a sandwich material approx. 1" 
thick made up of plywood as the top layer and a 
plastic waffle like material on the bottom which is 
used to go over a concrete basement floor. This way 
you get the standard plywood subfloor to lay any 
material over including putting your cabinets on it 
but you get the moisture protection of having the 
plastic waffle material againt the concrete side.  
There is the additional benefit of having ridges on 
the plastic bottom (waffle) to promote good air 
circulation to prevent mildew and moisture damage to 
the underside of the plywood.  I am sure this 
material is pricey but for what small amount you need 
it may be worth considering for the long term health 
of your cabinets.   

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