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cement laundry tubs
by: chan posted: Sunday - February 28, 2010
How do I clean and paint old cement laundry tubs? 
What type of materials would I use? 

by: Loui421451 posted: Monday - March 1, 2010
Chan, Forgive me for a dumb question from an old deep 
South country boy - what the heck is a cement laundry 

Louis Whistler

cement tubs
by: davekoe posted: Monday - March 1, 2010
From an old Yankee, a cement laundry tub is a tub, usually a double tub, 
made of cast concrete. It has a faucet and the washing machine usually 
drains into it. I grew up in such a place.

As for painting the EXTERIOR, make sure it is clean of old dried soap and 
any other crud and any latex paint should work although there are 
special latex paints intended for brick & masonry.

My advice for painting the INTERIOR of the tubs is DON'T. But if you 
must, look at some special ($$) rubber paints intended for aquariums.


cement tubs
by: chan posted: Monday - March 1, 2010
Thanks your help

Laundry tub
by: FIXITRIGHT posted: Tueday - March 2, 2010
Chan-I wouldnt recommend painting the tub because of 
constant water and moisture which will certainly 
cause the paint to fail in short order.  Concrete is 
porous and while you can paint a masonry block 
foundation on the exterior without problems painting 
an old cast concrete or terrazzo laundry tub where 
you will use the tub will certainly have peeling 
paint issues.  I would leave it alone or replace it.

laundry tub
by: davekoe posted: Wednesday - March 3, 2010
Concrete laundry tubs are usually made of very dense compact concrete and my 
experience is that the paint on the outside does not peel.  Yours may be 
different. Try a test spot near the bottom which is where the moisture problem 
is most likely to occur.

There is a special paint recommended for stucco; it is said that this paint can 
"breathe" to let moisture vapor out.

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