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How to open Toolbox compound action drawers?
by: Jenesis76 posted: Wednesday - April 8, 2009
I have a 3-drawer Craftsman toolbox with drawers that 
should slide open but they won't - there must be some 
trick to opening them. The toolbox is plastic, small, 
and has a handle on top. The top doesn't open, 
there's no latch mechanism, no keyhole, nothing to 
release. I understand the drawers have to have some 
kind of catch so they don't roll out when you carry 
the toolbox, but for the life of me, I cannot figure 
out how to slide these drawers out. They are like 
stacking trays that sit on each other, and the 
toolbox came prefilled with tools. HELP? Please?

by: Handyman John posted: Wednesday - April 8, 2009
The top is not designed to open or it just wont open?
If it just wont open, get it open and the drawers 
will function. If the top is not designed to open 
just pull the drawers real hard...they will open. Try 
lifting on the drawer handle and then pulling.

Still won't open
by: Jenesis76 posted: Wednesday - April 8, 2009
No, the top doesn't open, it's a rigid 
plastic "frame" or box holding the three drawers that 
should slide out. No matter how hard I pull, they 
won't slide out, and there isn't any way to lift up 
on them. They have no "play" or space to lift.

I have seen this
by: Loui421451 posted: Thursday - April 9, 2009
Jenesis76, I have seen this at Sears.  It does have a 
lid that opens and must be open for the drawers to 
come out.  It is also equipped with a heavy duty draw 
bolt that is disengaged when the lid is open and 
prevents the drawers from coming out.  It does 
prevent the drawers from sliding out when you are 
carrying the box, but the primary reason is to 
prevent theft.  If you cannot get the top open, you 
cannot disengage the drawbolt.  Then, if you cannot 
disengage the drawbolt, you will not be able to open 
the drawers.

If you cannot figure it out, I suggest taking the 
toolbox to your nearest Sears store and have them 
show you how to open your toolbox.  Of course, I 
presume this is your toolbox.

I hope this helps.  Good luck,
Louis Whistler

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