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Replacing Toilet
by: djforgolf posted: Tueday - February 17, 2009
I am replacing a toilet in one of my bathrooms and 
need to know if the distance from the center of the 
waste drain to the back of the toilet is standard, or 
is it different for each toilet?

more than one setback model
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Tueday - February 17, 2009
Hi djforgolf,

What's your handicap? Most toilets are setback 12 
inches from the wall but they're are toilets setback 
at 14 inches...And they're are handicap toilets taller 
than the regular toilets... And toilets with different 
sized traps and surface water measurements, so you do 
need to take a few things into consideration...

Once the toilet has been removed, just take a 
measurement from the back wall to the center of the 
toilet flange/drain pipe...Are you replacing an older 
model that uses 6, 7, or 8 gallons per flush or are 
you replacing a newer one...

A lot of people are dissatified with the newer toilets 
because sometimes you have to reflush to get all the 
waste out of the bowl and into the sewer line...

On the box the toilet comes-in you'll see a 
measurement for the amount of water surface, left 
remaining in the bowl after a complete flush...

You really want a toilet with a larger water surface 
measurement... What this does is; it allows the toilet 
to hold more water, so it floats more waste and helps 
to complete a flush with just one flush 
everytime...And trap size is important and glazing of 
the trap is also important...Bet you didn't know so 
mush crap about crap before...

With some luck,you'll pick-out a brand and model that 
will work just fine, but we answer posts like this 
several times a yr...

If you had a 14 inch setback and installed a 12 
setback model, you could attach a length of 2x4 behind 
the tank and low enough to be out of eye sight and the 
tank will rest on the 2x4 or I believe I've seen 
offset flanges but those can create additional 
problems for you...Good luck...E.T.

toilet setback
by: Handyman John posted: Tueday - February 17, 2009
The typical setback distance is 12" from wall to 
center of waste pipe.

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