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convert window to stove pipe opening
by: Bane01 posted: Tueday - October 21, 2008
We own a 2002 double-wide manufactured home.  We 
would like to install a freestanding woodstove.  We 
don't want to cut a hole in the roof or a wall.  
There is a window behind where we want the stove.  
Can the window be removed and that space filled with 
appropriate material to allow the chimney/stove pipe 
to go through there?  I have seen it done before, but 
don't know how.  All help is appreciated!

Stove pipe
by: Propertyfix posted: Tueday - October 21, 2008
Bane-The trick here is to follow every applicable 
local, state, and national fire safety code as well 
as the manufacturers instructions on installing the 

In general terms all woodstoves must be set on 
noncombustible materials, be vented with the proper 
walled and gauge vent pipe, have proper clearance to 
all materials, particularly combustible ones, and 
have the appropriate measures taken when going 
through any roofs, walls, etc. by utilizing the 
proper fittings and piping.  Before I even bought the 
stove I would check out the feasibility of installing 
it with the manufacturer of the manufactured home, 
the wood stove manufacturer, and the local fire 
department/building department officials.  If you get 
the go ahead from these folks then do it and follow 
all of their safety recommendations.  

by: argus1 posted: Tueday - October 21, 2008
  In addition to the good advice above, I would check 
with your insurance agent or company and get approval 
from them if needed.

by: BayStateHandyman posted: Tueday - October 21, 2008
Hi Bane01, 

Code calls for a chimney to be so many ft away from 
any window and I would think each state would be a bit 
different with the code so call your building 
inspector and ask him and any potential installer what 
code is and once you know the scoop from the 
inspector, just pick the installer who seemed to know 
the most about the codes and your families personal 
safety issues... Good Luck...E.T.

Thanks! Additional info below...
by: bane01 posted: Thursday - October 23, 2008
My father did this once in their home.  He basically 
sealed off the window by boarding over it on both 
sides.  He then just ran the triple-walled pipe 
through this to the outside.  We would of course get 
a mobile home approved stove.  We would probably 
install ourselves.  Do they make pieces to go around 
the inside and outside of the opening to make it look 
more "finished"?

by: BayStateHandyman posted: Thursday - October 23, 2008
They call them trim collars/rings..Geno...

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