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Masonry Concrete

Securing address plaque to brick
by: Andrew posted: Thursday - May 15, 2008
I ordered an address plaque from Lowe's.  I would 
like to install the plaque on a brick wall on the 
side of my house.  The plaque came with a few 
fasteners but they don't seem strong enough.  Should 
I be using a specific fastener and anchor 
combintation?  Should I attempt to secure the plaque 
to the wall in a mortar joint?  Do I need a special 
drill bit for this?  

Any help will be appreciated.  Thank You. 

by: posted: Friday - May 16, 2008
Andrew-WHat you want to do is to get a masonry bit 
the same size as the small plastic masonry anchors 
you will use to secure the plaque, drill both holes 
in the mortar (not the brick) and mount the plaque by 
attaching the screws into the plastic masonry 
anchors.  Plastic masonry anchors come in tiny to 
rather large sizes for many hanging applications just 
like yours.  You never want to dril into the brick as 
the damage (hole) is permanent.  The holes you drill 
into the mortar joint can be repaired if needed with 
new mortar.  If the holes in the sign dont line up 
with the mortar joints try to figure something else 
out. There is always another solution.  

liquid nail it...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Friday - May 16, 2008
Hi Andrew,

Use liquid nail and just adhere the address plaque to
the brick... 

If it was a name plate I'd tell you something 
different but because the address will never change 
and you'll most likely not want to take the address 
plaque with you if you decide to move, just go ahead 
and liquid nail it to the wall...

Liquid nail makes a product designed for brick or 
concrete and it will hold that plaque to the wall 
forever and you won't have to mess around with drill 
bits, drills and extension cords... 

Drilling into the mortar is easy but drilling into the 
brick can be a bear so take the easy road and just 
liguid nail the plaque into place... Good Luck...E.T.

Both good suggestions...
by: Charlie posted: Friday - May 16, 2008
...however, if you decide to drill, throw away the 
plastic anchors (worthless) and puchase the 
appropriate size lead anchors from your local hardware 

by: davekoe posted: Saturday - May 17, 2008
Yet another thought is to buy, at a stationary store, 
some yellow sticky stuff, similar to modeling clay, 
that is used to put up posters on walls. It doesn't 
harden, so the posters can be easily removed. Whether 
it would hold for years, I can't say.     

by: davekoe posted: Sunday - May 18, 2008
It is true that the lead anchors hold better than the 
plastic anchors, however, for something as light as an 
address plaque, the plastic anchors should prove 

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