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oil tank
by: anne posted: Thursday - December 13, 2007
i have an outside oil tank-the furnace tech told me i 
should pour methl hydrate in tank when i need oil 
refilled-is this right??

Methyl Hydrate
by: Loui421451 posted: Thursday - December 13, 2007
Anne, Methyl hydrate is an archaic term for methanol 
(alcohol).  What he is suggesting is to pour alcohol 
into your tank.  This is generally done so that the 
alcohol will absorb all the water in the bottom of 
tank.  The alcohol then carries the water with it and 
burns in the furnace while the water turns to steam 
and escapes up the stack to the atmosphere.  

It is a method of removing water from your tank.  The 
implication is that he suspects you have water in your 
tank that could cause the burner flame to go out or 
make it hard to light.

I have heard of it done before, but have never done it 
myself.  I think it will be ok, but I would have an 
experienced, reliable technician do it.  There is the 
potential of putting too much in there that would 
cause you to have to pay for pumping everything out of 
your tank and starting over.

I hope this helps.  Good luck,
Louis Whistler

oil tank
by: Handy Hank posted: Thursday - December 13, 2007
Water should seperate out in your in line glass bowl 
filter and may be drained off via a little valve on 
the bottom of the glass sight bowl. Methyl hydrate is 
available at most automotive stores with directions 
for use (but probably not nevseeary). 

How Much?
by: Mark posted: Saturday - January 5, 2008
How much Methyl Hydrate would you put into a 200 
gallon oil tank?

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