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Spiders Off Vinyl Siding
by: Saunders posted: Thursday - September 20, 2007
Do you have any solution for keeping spiders off 
house vinyl siding ?  Was told CLR or Javex works 
but  doesn't. Thanx.

Spiders are tough
by: Loui421451 posted: Thursday - September 20, 2007
Spiders are particularly tough to control.  Very few 
products that you can buy from local home stores, etc. 
will work.

Check out this web site -

If you have a bad infestation, I suggest you hire an 
exterminator who has access to professional grade 

I hope this helps.  Good luck,
Louis Whistler

by: davekoe posted: Thursday - September 20, 2007
Spiders are good guys who eat flies, mosquitos, 
roaches, moths, ants, beetles, etc. I think you are 
better off with the spiders than with whatever you will 
have lots and lots of if the spiders are gone. Live and 
let live.        

spider bites...
by: BayStateHandyman posted: Friday - September 21, 2007
All spiders and there bites are poisonous...Do what 
you can to get them off your siding...

I'm guessing your talking about a shadier said of the 
house with maybe some extra moisture or maybe a side 
of the house you light-up at night with motion lights 
or night lights which attracts the bugs which attracts 
the spiders... 

No moisture to use for drinking purposes and the 
spiders and bugs will have to move to another more 
accommdating location...Like the woods and swamps 
where all spiders belong...

Keep the spiders and next thing you know, you'll have 
bats sleeping under your table umbrellas...Good 

spiders on siding
by: Frances and Silas Flournoy posted: Friday - June 17, 2011
Our house front is in full sun in the driest year on 
record in TX, and that has not reduced the spider 
population at all.  We wash them off and within a 
week we have the ugly black webs all under the siding!

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