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Masonry Concrete

Hockey Rink/ Basketball court concrete
by: John posted: Monday - November 8, 2010
I would like to build a roller hockey rink/ 
basketball court in my backyard. What type of cement 
would best or what can i do to the cement so that it 
is smooth enough to not wear down the wheels of the 
roller blades? How much will the project cost if done 
all by me and friends?

by: Loui421521 posted: Monday - November 8, 2010
They can make concrete as smooth as glass.  

The dimensions of a basketball court are 50' by 94'.  
Even if all you had was a 4" slab, that is probably 
going to cost you $5000 just for the concrete and not 
including the cost of the forms, the remesh, the 
reinforcement bars, the bull floats, and the powered 
concrete paddles.  My guess is that all in all, it 
will approach $10,0000.  On top of top that, if there 
are no expansion joints, that size of surface will 
expand and contract in the weather and there will be 
cracks all over it.  Any use you want for it will 
only last a short time.

I don't think you have thought this through.  You 
either have a lot of money to waste or this is just a 
pipe dream.  Sorry, but I do not think it is 
practical.  That is why all roller blade rinks I know 
of are inside with wood floors.  You can make outside 
basket ball courts, but there are lots of seams and 
usually they are half courts unless you have school, 
city, or county funds.


Hockey or Skating Rink?
by: Drywall DIY Guy posted: Saturday - November 13, 2010
If you are willing to just settle for a hockey rink,
this can be done for about $100 - $500. In the link
below, a 50 by 25 skating rink is constructed for under
$200. Also there is a link on that page to a slightly
larger rink built with PVC pipe for $300. Just get a
level area with side barriers and fill with water. 
How To Build a Backyard Ice Skating Rink

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