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The guidlines are simple...
  • Users come here for answers. They would prefer *helpful* answers and don't need to be verbally abused because they don't know as much as you do.
  • Different people have different ideas. If you don't agree with something someone else has posted... simply state your own views without throwing stones at others. By all means disagree, but do so with valid input of your own. This isn't a debate forum.
  • You must have a valid e-mail address and allow us to use it to notify you of changes. We will not abuse you with a bunch of unwelcome mail and we will NEVER share your address with anyone else.
  • Safety is of the utmost. Please stress any safety hazards that a newbe might encounter and always recommend professional advice when it is clear the user might not have a grasp on what is involved with your answer.
  • Add helpful links when you know the address of a website that provides detailed information. That's what we would like to believe the web can be. People.. helping people.

Let's start with picking a handle and getting your e-mail address. Once we have that, you will be mailed a confirmation e-mail asking you to verify that the mail was recieved by you.

After your address is confirmed, we can move on to allowing you to customize your optional profile, and to use the site as a resident handyperson.

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