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Masonry Concrete

Protecting Foundation
by: JerryV posted: Saturday - November 3, 2018
Hi ... my house is over 70 years old.  The concrete
block foundation has eroded over time to the point that
a few blocks have developed holes that penetrate the
face.  In the 36 years that I have been in the house, I
have never had any issues with water in the basement
and continue not to.  I had an engineer inspect the
foundation and the conclusion was that it is sound.  He
recommended parging and gutters.  I don't like gutters
for many reasons.  I am thinking about constructing a
simple 'skirt' using metal flashing or siding type
material to protect it from the splash.  There are 3
courses of blocks that are exposed.   I would like to
know if this sounds like a practical and effective
solution and if it might create other issues that I
might not be aware of ... I appreciate any comments,
suggestions etc.  Thanks,,,, Jerry

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