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Did I just botch my grout job with a fan?
by: Tra posted: Thursday - October 25, 2018
Hello. Some tiles came loose on our shower *floor* 
and we had to re-grout them. We bought a 
grout+sealer product and finished the job at about 
3:30 yesterday, at which point we position a fan 
above the patch of freshly-grouted tiles to help 
speed along the process (as we'd like use of the 
shower sooner than later, if possible).   Just today 
however, I learned using a fan might actually be 
*impeding* the curing process. 

Is this true? Did we screw-up and in fact set 
ourselves back and if so, what to do from here? 

Also I heard, since the grout uses water as part of 
its curing process, it would be okay to shower. 
Although that might've been relating to a tiled wall 
situation instead of floor. Ours Are Floor (though 
not the entire floor. A few tiles' width around the 

Is there a way to know it's definitely shower ready? 
Our bathroom doesn't have great ventilation so I 
don't know if the time listed on the package would 
be affected in any way by that. 

Thanks in advance for your time. 


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