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Room Decor

Stud Depth
by: AnnaMeh posted: Tueday - October 16, 2018
Hi! I have a question about hanging some floating 
shelves on the wall. They're not 
particularly heavy, I've found the studs, had 
drywall anchors just in case, and 
drilled my pilot holes. However, I live in an 
apartment and it seems as though the 
studs are about an inch behind the dry wall itself. 
(There's a gap between stud and 
drywall.) My screws ARE long enough to lodge in the 
stud, but it's still only about 
half the screw. Can I still use them? Do I need a 
longer screw? Is there a sort of 
"half-anchor" I could use to secure the screw where 
there is space between drywall 
and stud? Thank you in advance for all of your help. 


Attaching shelves
by: Plank posted: Tueday - October 16, 2018
If there is a one inch space between the sheetrock and wall
stud, how or where is the sheetrock attached to the wall? 
If you can get half of the attaching screw's thread 
securely into the stud, you might be OK, depending on the 
length of the shelves & the weight of what you'll be putting
on them. Another way of attaching the shelves is with a 
toggle bolt, that doesn't bite into the stud. If you're not
familiar with them, look at vids on YouTube, or ask someone
at your local hardware store about how they work. They're
a handy alternative to screws. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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