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How to replace casement door handle
by: Tara posted: Monday - October 1, 2018
Our door handle recently broke and we are trying to locate its 
replacement. It has the name Metra on it, and it is a soundproof 
glass balcony door with a gear so when you turn the handle all 
the way down, it seals the door. It looks like a Metra Essence 
handle in black with a lock. I canít seem to find the exact name, 
but have images. It is lockable with a key. There is a number on 
the inside of the door handle: 340714 and on the metal part 
inside the handle that fell out: 340502. I only see Metra in 
Canada and Italy. I live in Chicago, and not sure what my next 
step should be to fix this door.

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