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Installing ceiling fan in old rafters
by: Max posted: Monday - September 17, 2018
Hi, Ií trying to install a ceiling fan in my mothers apartment and ran 
into trouble installing the cross bar. It was rated for rafters that are 16 
inch to 24 inch on center, which is rather reasonable. My rafters do in 
fact follow that standard, but they used the old school 4x6 stock, 
which was true to its name back then. (The building was constructed 
in the mid to late 1800ís) so there is only about 13 inches, give or 
take a quarter inch, between each stud. I would prefer not to put a 
huge hole in the ceiling and build one out of wood, so I was 
wondering if they manufacture cross bars for old standard rafters?

ceiling fan mount
by: Handy Hank posted: Monday - September 17, 2018
Without knowing exactly what you have there must be a way 
you can disassemble the cross bar, saw off 
what you need and reassemble it.

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