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Kitchen Bath

Caulk issues?
by: Brandon S posted: Monday - September 3, 2018
I have an uneven floor with water pooling in corner. The caulk that was in place was damaged so I replaced with new caulk. However, I used a Silicone Sanded Caulk to color match the grout. This is the interface between shower pan and the tile floor. Everytime water touches the caulk, it lightens in color and softens. Is this normal? What would be the best way to seal this surface intersection? More Caulk? 100% Silicone? I need advice as this has been going on for months now and it is really annoying. At this point, I don't care for the color match. I just want to ensure that when I wipe the water collecting in the corner that I do not pull the caulk with it... Thanks

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