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Removing polyurethane spill from porch
by: fxc posted: Saturday - June 30, 2018
Long story short, I moved into a new condo yesterday, had my 
interior floors screened, and the floor guys left noticeable stains 
on the shared front porch (composite decking).

I've called the floor guys to clean it up but

a) they aren't making it a high priority

b) I'm worried they'll do a bad job of cleaning and I'll have to finish 
it myself anyway.

I want to make sure this gets done well since my literal first 
introduction to my upstairs neighbor was him pointing out the 
stains (oops). I'd like to make a better first impression than that as 
a new neighbor:-/

What's the best way for me to clean up noticeable poly stains of 
the deck without doing more damage?

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