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Broken water pipe
by: K posted: Sunday - June 10, 2018
Is it common practice for a maintenance employee at an apartment 
complex to repair a broken water pipe with duck tape?

Broken Water pipe
by: Plank posted: Sunday - June 10, 2018
No, it's not. Is the broken water pipe a hot or cold 
supply line? A lot of people would call a water supply 
line as well as a drain a "water pipe". They both have 
water in them, but obviously, they aren't the same. 
A drain can be repaired with tape for a little while 
so a maintenance person can get replacement parts (an 
hour or 90 minutes). A supply line is under pressure. 
There IS tape made that will repair a supply line. It's
self bonding, & it's NOT duct tape, and it's only temporary.  

Great info!
by: K posted: Sunday - June 10, 2018
The hot or cold line I am unassure of but the pipe was in my ceiling 
and when it broke water gushed everywhere! It took the maintenance 
technician almost 2 hours to respond but luckily I just happened to 
know where the shut off valve to the building was. I did get pictures 
of this duck tape work before the ceiling was dry walled because it 
looked very questionable to me. Iím not really sure what was 
supposed to happen during this flood and repair work or what 
maintenance protocol was because Iím not sure it was all completed. 

by: Handy Hank posted: Sunday - June 10, 2018
If copper, cut out leak and solder a new piece in.

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