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Paint Siding Wallpaper

Flashing above front door
by: Monica posted: Tueday - May 22, 2018
We're replacing our vinyl siding with engineered wood
lap siding. The contractor flashed all the windows and
doors on top of their frames EXCEPT our front door and
the higher transom window above it. The front door he
put a 4" wide trim board up first, then flashed that
board, then put the lap boards on. The window he did
not flash at all, it has a 6" wide trim board above it,
then meets the soffit. Also: the piece of flashing
above the door doesn't even extend the full length of
the door (or the full length of the trim board) just
the inside of the trimmed area, it really looks like an
afterthought.  When I asked about it, he just caulked
across the top of the door frame and said that was all
it needed. Is this right? 

can't help you, unfortunately
by: Plank posted: Tueday - May 22, 2018
If you were installing vinyl siding, which I know more
about, I could try to help or advise. Without seeing 
what your contractor did, I'm not qualified to approve
or otherwise. I can only assume he's guaranteeing his
work/service, as any good contractor should. 
Paint/wallpaper & vinyl is more my thing. Sorry. 

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