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Fix an exterior door rain leak
by: Puffymama posted: Friday - March 30, 2018
After raining, I noticed that the carpet in front of door is wet. This is a 
new structure that was built 2 years ago. I noticed it was leaking 
before I installed carpeting, so I installed a sweep on the inside of 
door thinking it fixed the problem.  I donít want this to be an ongoing 
problem ruining my new carpeting. The door opens to the inside. I 
called the builder and was told to put in a screen door to solve the 
problem. I am a 67 year old woman and this would not be an easy 
task. Also it is an odd size which cannot be found. I read somewhere 
that a drip cap would solve this problem but it leaks at the bottom, 
not the top. Is there an easy solution?  Iím thinking of just taping the 
bottom of door and not even using this entry as a last resort if it 
cannot be fixed. Please help. Thank you. 

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