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Illegal sewage dump or peeing in the woods
by: Notthaat posted: Wednesday - March 28, 2018
So this is an odd question, and 
admittedly pretty gross. I have a barn 
on my property that serves as my home 
office slash man cave recording 
studio. It has electric, heating, 
central air, and no Plumbing. So no 
bathroom. The septic lives on the 
other side of my driveway, and I do 
not believe that planning and zoning 
would approve addition of a bathroom 
anyway... It would qualify the barn as 
an additional residence along with all 
of the hassles that would create.

So..  Would it be illegal (ignore the 
gross, I realize this is gross) for me 
to put a big funnel, like a gas 
funnel, mounted inside of a small room 
that I would refurbish to be a 
bathroom, and attach it to Plumbing  
that is feeding a long hose that just 
goes off into the woods? I would then 
have a rain barrel ne roof that feeds 
a hose running into the funnel, which 
you would use to flush out the system. 
And the funnel apparatus would have a 
shot of valve as well to be able to 
close off that pipe. 

This obviously would be for liquid 
waste only, otherwise we would go into 
the house.

peeing in the barn
by: Plank posted: Thursday - March 29, 2018
If I were you, I'd look into a portable toilet (or chemical
toilet). They are small, legal in most areas, and you can
order one on Amazon for around $100. Or go to your hardware
or RV camping store. They should have them. The funnel and
hose contraption may violate a health code in your area, plus
it would stink after a while. Get a chemical toilet.

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