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What is going on with this light fixture?
by: Whatactually posted: Sunday - March 25, 2018
I have this light in my room in the ceiling that is 
basically square shaped with the corners wavyish,it 
looks nice. It was a replacement for a circle fixture 
before it. My question is: what would cause the light 
fixture to have an indent in the ceiling out about a 
half an inch perfectly in the shape of it all the way 
around? It is the exact shape of the fixture wavy 
corners and all, slightly indented in the ceiling. 
Seriously, I have looked everywhere online and cant 
find an answer. The ceiling seems intact otherwise and 
the light works normally. I would imagine something 
wrong would look like a straight-ish crack or sagging 
ceiling but this is just weird. What could be causing 

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