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Decking Gardening

Aluminum Post Corrugated Steel Fence
by: Miss Lois posted: Wednesday - January 31, 2018
I have put in a few fences in my time, but not one like the 
one I would like to install at my home.  I'm hoping to use 
black square aluminum posts, then use Tension bands or 
something similar to support corrugated metal sheets 
between the posts.  I plan to paint the sheets with 
automotive paint to match the house and add to their 
weather resistance.  Ideally, I'd like to cap the top as well, 
to cover the sharp edge.  I'm shooting for a 7' privacy 
fence.  So my questions are these:  How deep do I need to 
go with the posts?  Is there something I should consider 
that might not be obvious to someone whose primary 
experience is with wooden fencing?  Can I sink the panels 
6" underground, or will that decay them too fast, or 
poison the soil?  Please note that I live in the Pacific 
Northwest, and it's wet here all but three months of the 
year.  ANY suggestions or thoughts that I need to keep in 
mind would be gratefully accepted.  I do not want to be 
stuck with the one-size fits all cedar fencing that everyone 
uses, I am completely against anything plastic that cannot 
be recycled in 20 years, and complete metal fencing is just 
too expensive for my budget.  Thanks!

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