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Painting an interior wood door
by: Mlfjff posted: Wednesday - January 31, 2018
I sanded, primed and painted a 6 panel interior wood door. Over the 
past few months the paint has separated between the panels and the 
mullions. Iím guessing it has to due with the temperature and 
moisture fluctuating. 
Iím not sure how to resolve. Wood glue? Wood filler? Or anther 
product? Something with a stronger hold?

Painting an interior wood door
by: Plank posted: Wednesday - January 31, 2018
More than likely, the dry conditions of winter (causing 
wood to contract) is what is causing the elements of your 
door to separate. Wood glue may help, but in the changing 
seasons, it's apt to separate again. Wood filler is good, 
but unfortunately, you'd have to sand again to bare wood 
for it to fill & dry properly. Something with elasticity
(like silicone caulk or adhesive) would allow the door to
expand & contract with the weather/changing seasons. Small
cracks can always be filled with a fresh coat of paint. 
It's still a good idea to sand around the joints separating
the mullions from the panels if you're adding any adhesive or
filler. I hope this helps.      

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