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Interior Basement door
by: Rob posted: Thursday - December 28, 2017
Since Sandy we had to raise our house and now we have 
stairs on the inside leading up to the main living area 
and that door at the top of the stairwell is an 
interior door  and doesn't have any whether stripping / 
insulation.  I tried buying the thinnest stripping from 
the home center and put it around the jam but then the 
door didn't close.  it's very drafty and now with 
winter temperatures cold air is just blowing through 
what can I do

Interior basement door
by: Plank posted: Friday - December 29, 2017
It sounds to me like you're using a hollow core interior
door as an outside door that is exposed to the elements. 
What is at the bottom of this stairwell? Is there a good
quality insulated door with proper insulation all around? 
What about the stairwell going up to your living area?
Is it completely enclosed with studded walls, fiberglass 
insulation, sheathing, vapor barrier, drywall, etc? 
It doesn't really say much in your question about the 
stairwell. From the sounds of this, you definitely need  
a good exterior door and a properly insulated door 
jamb/frame. An interior door in this sort of situation
is not going to cut it. You're going to have to spend some
money to make your home weather tight.   

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