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need ducting advice
by: Gregory Boyle posted: Wednesday - December 20, 2017
Just installed a downdraft stovetop over my old one. 
All good except the ducting doesn't quite line up. I 
can not move the bottom piece because of a joist.Is 
there a short ducting coupling?

Ducting problem
by: Plank posted: Thursday - December 21, 2017
Without seeing your installation, it's hard to say what your
best option is. If the ducting is only off by one half inch,
(or less), you can use a high heat self fusing silicone tape
(Cole Parmer makes a good self bonding tape for this sort
of problem). The tape is 1" wide by about 30 feet in a roll. 
The tape self fuses in 24 hours and is inseparable to the 
surface it's bonded too. There usually isn't a lot of intense
heat in stovetop vents, but I'd still recommend high heat
silicone tape for connecting ductwork. It's good for up
to 500 degress F. I hope this helps.  

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