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Room Decor

Wall help
by: Diygirl posted: Monday - November 27, 2017
Iím trying to wall mount a desk, but my nails and screws are going 
straight through the wall. There has to be an alternative 

Easy solution for 'Wall Help'
by: Plank posted: Tueday - November 28, 2017
Ideally, you want to find the studs inside a wall, and attach your desk 
using a course threaded lag screw of adequate length right to the stud.
If there isn't a stud in the wall (unusual), then you can use a toggle 
bolt. If you're not familiar with them ask someone at your local 
hardware store how they work. I use them all the time. You'll need to
drill a hole in the wall to insert the toggle, and use a fender washer
(or large washer) by the head of the bolt . . . an easy solution!  

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