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Emergency filler for window door rot?
by: Minni posted: Monday - November 20, 2017
Hi, which foam filler is most effective, long lasting,
and least toxic for below situation? And possibly

Or must Concrobium be applied first?

My areas of concern include a rotted
doorstep/threshhold that's rotted at the corner, and
above that corner is approx. 12" of rotting doorframe.
Also approx. 24" of rot at wood windowframe on exterior
of bedroom, including a rotted gap which my finger can
hook into at left of the windowframe (behind the

Both the window & doorstep are on the same side of the
house, where i step out onto a patio. There's no
overhang on that side as protection. Same goes for the
opposite end of house.

I'm hoping the foam filler can serve as a long-lasting

How long? I don't know. So help me when/if it
eventually crumbles, and i still haven't found a
suitable contractor.

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