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Attic ceiling
by: Morgan Forster posted: Sunday - October 1, 2017
My very old style attic ceiling that is covering the insulation is falling 
and I need help figuring out how to reattach it. The ceiling “tiles” feel 
almost like thick cardboard/foam- the House was built  in the 1940s. 
The pieces look like they used to be nailed together but of course 
you can’t nail it into the padded insulation. It was probably a silly 
idea, but liquid nails didn’t work either. 

Attic ceiling
by: Plank posted: Monday - October 2, 2017
There must be ceiling joists or rafters supporting your roof.
I reinsulated my attic a couple of years ago & used 1" thick 
Owens Corning pink foam panels to hold the insulation in
place. Your ceiling (or roof) joists should be 16" on
center. I'm wondering if those old tiles you speak of are
asbestos. I hope not, because that needs to be disposed of
professionally. I'd wear a filter/face mask when going into
that attic. Plus it will make the house harder to sell if
there is asbestos. 

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