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Insulate apsrtment from second hand smoke
by: James posted: Saturday - September 30, 2017
I am allergic to 
second hand smoke.  
I want to smoke 
proof my 
apartment.  Its 
coning from 3 
neighbors:  above, 
one side, and 
across the hall.

Do air purifiers 
work for tobacco 
smoke.  I am poor 
so I cant spend a 
lot.  I did have a 
honeywell with a 
rinseable filter a 
few years ago but 
it didnt work.

I ordered a twin 
draft guard to put 
under my door and 
a roll of peel and 
stick plastic 
strip to put 
around the door 
frame to keep the 
smoke out.  Will 
these items work?

What products are 
there that could  
be installed on my 
ceiling to keep 
the smoke from my 
neighbor above me 
from entering?

Lastly, what can I 
install on a whole 
wall in my bedroom 
to keep smoke from 
this other 
neighbor from 
entering?  I dont 
own a car, so I 
would have to buy 
them online and 
have them 

The landlord may 
be upset if I 
install items that  
require nails or 
screws.  Would a 
large sheet of 
pladtic on ceiling 
or wall affixed 
with strong tape 
keep smoke out?

Second hand smoke
by: Plank posted: Monday - October 2, 2017
Putting a seal under your front door and plastic on the windows
will certainly help. You could also use Kilz primer sealer to 
paint your walls & ceiling to try to keep the smoke out. Not all
air purifiers eliminate second hand smoke. Some HEPA filter 
purifiers do . .I'd recommend going on Amazon and browsing 
through user's reviews. A large sheet of plastic may not help, 
because you'll still have the smell of the smoke behind the 
hanging plastic. It's too bad your landlord doesn't care about
your health & well being. I'd shop on Amazon to find something
with a HEPA filter in your price range. Good luck.   

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