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door tilts a bit, need to fix?
by: Liz posted: Tueday - September 19, 2017
I just had an interior door replaced. The new door tilts a little bit because 
the bottom hinge slants a bit and doesn't fully cover the hinge mark on 
the jamb. So, the door won't close initially on the top. Instead of checking 
the hinges, the handyman just broke in the other side of the jamb, 
causing a little crack on the jamb. Now, the new door fits and latches 
well, even though it tilts a bit. My question is:

Do I need to straighten out the door if it latches well? Any long term 
effect if I just leave it tilting a bit like that? 

Tilting door.
by: Plank posted: Wednesday - September 20, 2017
No, other than the fact that it tilts a little. No big deal.
If it looks OK, it's fine. Depending on what part of the country 
you live in, the door may not latch in very cold weather, since 
wood contracts a bit in cold, dry climates (and expands when 
it's warm & humid). I have a door like this in my house, and 
it's a very minor issue.  

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