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Deck stain
by: Jordan posted: Saturday - September 16, 2017
I am staining my deck in the heat of the day and I am putting a thin 
first coat on. However, I am getting some bubbling in the stain in a 
few spaces. Is this because of the heat??? Any advice is 

Bubbling in stain
by: Plank posted: Saturday - September 16, 2017
It could be from the heat, but it could also be from residual
moisture in your deck boards. If you're applying stain over
PT wood, it's moisture in the wood. I had the same problem. 
If it's composite decking, it's the heat. You could break
the bubbles and 'spot prime' with the stain. Let it dry, and
apply another coat. If you have excess moisture in your deck,
there's not a whole lot you can do. It needs to spend several
days in a kiln to dry out the moisture. This was told to me by
a guy who worked in a mill that utilized a kiln for drying 
for drying lumber. Hope this helps.  

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