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Leaking washer
by: Everett posted: Sunday - September 3, 2017
My top loading washer leaks during spin cycle.  
Kenmore 79631512210.  I took off the back panel and 
watched it do a full cycle.  Leaks from the back of 
the tub (almost the top from this part of the tub 
casing) during spin cycle.  It leaks from a part that 
I could best describe as a overflow reservoir.  It 
has no indication if missing a hose or part.  It is 
simple a part the comes out a half inch and opens 
down along the side of the tube for a couple inches.  
It even leaks during small loads.  I cant find it on 
the diagram on the sears website either because it 
does not show the back of the tub casing.   

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