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Concrete seal patching
by: BB posted: Sunday - August 27, 2017
I am in a rental unit with all concrete floors. They are sealed, but he 
seal is clearly old. If your foot or hand is even a tiny bit sweaty, some 
of the top layer of seal can come off on to your hand! We were 
estimating what size we needed for a coffee table and lightly put 
down some painters tape (not thinking about the seal possibly 
coming up since I've done the same tape trick at work on same floor 
tile and it was fine). Anyway, now we have an obvious rectangle 
where we out down the tape. We want to just patch up that area with 
some seal/varnish so it isn't noticeable so when we eventually move 
our we can expect our full security deposit. Even though the floors 
aren't sealed well and we may be able to argue that since painters 
tape really shouldn't do that, we want to minimize the likelyhood of 
any arguments about it. Needless to say I want to do this ias cheaply 
as possible and just wondering if patching the seal in the specific 
area is possible and how to do it if so. 

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