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Ceiling fan
by: Kevin Knauer posted: Sunday - August 13, 2017
I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom and one day 
the fan stopped working. The light works fine 
and it is on a separate switch. I replaced the 
wall switch and it worked, problem 
solved.....nope. When I came back later to 
turn the fan on again it didn't work. Could I 
havgotten a bad switch at the store? I did not 
replace the wall switch again. Several months 
later I accidentally hit the switch on when 
trying to turn on the light and the fan came 
on so I left it on. It ran until sometime in 
the middle of the night because when I woke up 
it had stopped but he switch was still on. I  
have gotten lucky a few times to where it will 
come on when I flip the switch but it always 
stops running on its own. What should I be 

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