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main water line PRV
by: MikeO posted: Thursday - August 10, 2017
I live in central florida, our neighbor has an issue 
where  the water pressure coming into the house is 
about 85psi (checked at the hose bib by the main 
inlet).  the water comes in through PVC then changes 
to PEX inside somewhere.  There is a shut off valve 
in the PVC at the side of the house and on that same 
line right after the shut off valve is a pressure 
relief valve (PRV)

this PRV was dripping, it's a single setting, preset 
at 75psi,  which tells me either my pressure reading 
is off or the valve ins't working properly in the 
first place because it should have been running if 
the PSI is 85 and the relief valve is stamped 75. 
Anyway, it was leaking, a plumber was called, 
instead of  replacing the valve first he said he was 
going to dig up the line from the city water main 
and put in smaller diameter pipe to "reduce the 
pressure".  I told them this is will not reduce the 
pressure.  so after they discussed it with him, he 
removed the pressure relief valve and just capped 
off the PVC.   They paid him $225 for this! They 
later told me about it, and I said they should have 
just told me and I would go buy a variable pressure 
relief valve that we can set above the input 
pressure for about $40 to replace the single setting 
one.  The question, is it a bad idea to just cap off 
the PRV?  won't this have the risk of busting pipes 
inside the house in case the pressure rises too 
high?  I"m not a plumber but very handy. I don't 
know what' required but every house here has a PRV 
on the inlet. capping it off seemed like a stupid 
idea to me.  

pressure relief valve
by: Plank posted: Friday - August 11, 2017
Like yourself, I'm not a plumber, but I've fixed a few leaky 
pipes around the house over the years. That being said, If I 
had a similar problem & a plumbing contractor told me he was 
going to replace the supply line out to the street with a 
smaller diameter pipe, I'd have to question his motives/business 
ethic. Removing a pressure relief valve and capping it may or 
may not burst the pipes, but I don't see why it's even worth the 
risk. I would have bought a new prv and replaced it. My bro in 
law is a licensed plumber. I'll ask him about this! 

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