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Room Decor

Hanging Heavy Mirror
by: Nathan posted: Wednesday - August 9, 2017
I have a heavy mirror to hang above the changing table in the 
nursery. I'm guessing it's around 40/50 lbs. it came with two screws 
and two anchors. the two hooks on the back of the mirror are 7 
inches apart. Provided it's a heavy mirror I assume I need to anchor 
it into the studs but my studs are 24 inches apart and don't align with 
where the mirror needs to be placed. How do I secure and hang this 
heavy mirror. Thanks, Nathan

hanging a heavy mirror
by: Plank posted: Wednesday - August 9, 2017
I'd run a heavy wire (or heavy duty punched metal strapping between 2 heavy (3+1/2 or 4 inch nails nailed securely into the studs. You can use a heavy duty wire tie or metal hose clamp 
(a small 1 inch would be adequate) to connect a strong wire on the back of the mirror to the wire or metal strap between the 2 studs. How secure are the hooks on the back of the mirror?
Also, how wide is the mirror? If the mirror is narrower than 24 inches, it's going to look funny with wire or strapping behind it. Why are the studs two feet apart? That's not code. 
With a mirror that heavy, I wouldn't trust anchors. If you don't want to tie into the studs, I'd use two heavy duty toggle bolts that'll bite into the drywall (if your walls are drywall).
Toggle bolts (with hooks) securely installed into the wall is a good solution. Let me know how you make out! Good luck!    

revised answer to mirror question
by: Plank posted: Thursday - August 10, 2017
Forget the suggestion of running a wire or strap between nails in studs. 
2 toggle bolts installed in the wall with hooks would be your best bet, 
provided the hooks on the back of the mirror are strong enough so as not
to pull out. Run strong wire between the toggle bolt hooks & hang the mirror. 
If you're not familiar with toggles bolts, ask the clerk at your local 
hardware store about them, and see how they work. They are the ideal
solution to hanging a heavy object.  

hanging a heavy mirror
by: nathan posted: Thursday - August 10, 2017
The back of the mirror has two holes in place, not
hooks, so the mirror is supposed to hang on two screws
inserted in to each respective hole. It was delivered
with two anchors and screws which leads me to believe
the manufacturer thinks that should be sufficient.
Regardless I can't run a wire so based on your second
suggestion I should just use two toggle bolts?
(assuming the toggle bolts are small enough to fit in
to each respective hole). Thank you for your feedback. 

hanging a heavy mirror
by: Plank posted: Friday - August 11, 2017
I'm trying to picture exactly how this mirror will attach to
the wall. You said the mirror has two holes in the back?
I'd make a "tracing" of the two holes with a piece of paper 
and a lead pencil. This will give you a template of exactly
where to place the toggle bolts. The toggle bolts will have to
have some sort of "hook" or projectile to catch the holes on
the back of the mirror. What's the diameter of these holes? 
I'd make a tracing of the holes and go to your local hardware 
store to see what they have to secure this mirror. I have more 
faith in toggle bolts than I do in anchors. If you got two 
"plant hanger" type of toggle bolts, the 'hook' can be cut &
shaped to fit the holes in the back of the mirror, unless your
hardware srore has the exact thing you need. Good luck!    

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