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I think my water heater is too wet re ignite
by: Newbie gurl posted: Tueday - August 8, 2017
Let's begin with I know nothing about 
plumbing, gas and electricity. 

With that being said, for the last three 
months my hot water heater flame keeps 
going out. I read the instructions and 
turned it back on. That's how it's been 
working but lately it has progressively 
gotten worse. I would light it and it 
would either stay on for 3 minutes then 
shut off or I relight it and would stay on 
all day and shut off at night. I have 
noticed a leak from the top faucet thingy. 
I put a bucket down to catch the water. 

I had to go out of town for a few days. 
Came back noticed the WH is out again. I 
prepare to relight it I push the pilot 
button down and I don't hear a hiss i6f 
gas. I usually hear a hiss when I push the 
pilot button down. I tried lighting it 
thinking that maybe it doesn't hiss 
anymore. But no it didn't relight. 

Is there a simple fix?
Things I've noticed:
The thermalcouple is black
The bottom of the weather heater is wet
The actual water heater is wet 
I shined a flashlight inside the WH and it 
looked damp
No hissing sound when pushing the pilot

I'm not sure what could be the issue. 
Could using a fan to dry it out help it
I'm not looking for a miracle I just want 
to know if there's anything I could do 
before I spend all my money on a repair or 
replacement. Being that I am poor and know 
nothing of plumbing I'm hoping that the 
answer is real simple

Thanks in advance for any advice or help 

water heater issues
by: Plank posted: Wednesday - August 9, 2017
How old is the WH? Is there condensation that's causing wetness or corrosion on the fittings/faucet attached to the WH?
Because you no longer hear a hiss when you push the pilot light button, it sounds like the valve may be partially turned
off that supplies gas to pilot. I wouldn't mess with gas. Have you called the gas company? Are you on a service contract? 
The gas co. should look at it. Most H2O heaters are insulated & have a plastic or steel jacket around them. If yours doesn't, 
It's pretty old. If it's leaking water, you might have to bite the bullet & replace it. I'd get estimates and ask about
financing options; something you can afford. Are you a senior citizen? Contact your local senior center (if available) & ask
about plumbers or assistance with gas systems/water heaters. It's hard to determine the exact cause of your leak(s) without
seeing what you have. I wish I could be more help. But gas is dangerous! I'd call your supplier. Good luck!     

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