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hanging closet shelves
by: JG posted: Friday - July 21, 2017
Built some shelf boxes to hang inside an 8ft x 8ft x 3 ft standard 
bedroom closet.  I located the studs but the corner boxes only are able to 
hit one stud each.  The center box is wider and hits two studs so should 
be fine.  The shelves don't have backs so cutting the drywall to attach a 
2by between studs to use to hang the shelves won't really work.   So, the 
question is:  If I use one stud per box with a screw strip at the top and 
bottom of each box, would it be safe to use an anchor in the drywall for 
the other two screws?  Or construction screws straight into the drywall?  
Or what would be the best way to go about this?  The shelves weigh 
maybe 30 pounds but will probably get another 50 pounds of clothes 
and stuff once hung.  Thank you!

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