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hollow wall anchors, failing or working?
by: sibanate posted: Sunday - July 16, 2017
I have a really large CD collection that I have decided I'd like to 
display. I recently purchased some components of the Elfa 
system from the Container Store to use as shelving. The 
system basically consists of mounted standards which hold 
shallow metal shelves (at least that's the way I'm using it.) The 
standards are held to the wall by 5 screws, and I have three 
total standards to mount all the shelves. 

Unfortunately, only the left standard was the only one I was 
able to hit the stud on. The middle and right one, I hit hollow 
wall, and was forced to use Elfa's wall anchors, which seem to 
work great. In addition to those anchor points, I chose to add a 
few metal brackets that also mount to the hollow wall, but at 
least provide a tiny bit more support to the center standard. 

I have much of the CD collection on the wall now, and it seems 
stable enough, but I noticed that the center standard has 
creeped downward about an 1/8th of an inch from where I 
originally mounted it. Is this normal? Should I be worried? 

Just to give you an idea on the weight we are talking about. I 
figured out that one shelf holds about 70" of CDs which based 
on my crude scale, is about 40-45 lbs. I currently have 9 out of 
12 shelves mostly full, so that's a little over 400 lbs currently 
on the wall, with a potential to add about another 150 if I was to 
fill out the space. 

Help? Am I worrying about nothing?

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