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Attic/Roof Air Problem
by: Guy posted: Monday - July 3, 2017
Good day, I am facing a challenge that may render me
homeless soon. I have chronic illnesses which causes me
several allergies and sensitivities. Been living here
almost 4 years in my grand fathers 60 year old house
which is pretty much completely rotten in most areas
but was still doing just fine until a squirrel went
into the attic in april. He took out chunks of blown
inulation foam and lived up there frmo Feb to april,
his urine even came through on my desk where I am
typing this.

The animal was removed but since then there was a smell
coming in my room making me extremely sick. I have
tried plastering over the cracks in the ceiling but
still getting sick. 

The attic cannot be acceesed as its a closed roof
attic. Also My grand father and I cannot possibly
afford to have it repaired properly since I am on
disability and him on old age pension.

I am trying to see if there is any work around,
something I could use to seal the air coming through
the ceiling entirely so that I might stop being sick.

I realise it's a tall order but short of redoing the
attic, which is not an option, is there any ideas you
mgiht have so make sure no air from up there gets in my

Thank you kindly for your time, this is a dire
situation for me as I also cannot afford to relocate
anywhere, I have nowhere else to live.

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